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You write the script: what should Charlie’s response to Akley be? #ManhattanWGNA: tonight at 10/9c on @wgnamerica.
Think I'll go to bed early tonight, and ... PSYCH! It's #ManhattanWGNA night! #TeamPaul, #TeamKyle #TeamHam
James Dashner@jamesdashner
And like that's not cool enough, it's official: THE SCORCH TRIALS movie is coming September 18, 2015. Doesn't this look sweet: #ScorchTrials
Tonight battle lines will be drawn. RT to let your allies know: #ManhattanWGNA TONIGHT at 10/9c on @wgnamerica.
Kate Fowler@mskatefowler
Wow. Hats off to @ABCTV & all involved with #TheCode. THIS is why we need our ABC. Incredible local television drama. Bring on next week.
Ashley Zukerman@ashzukerman
@RachieBros Don't sweat it. Got this covered, mate.
Rachel Brosnahan@RachieBros
#ManhattanWGNA airs at 4am Malta time so I'll unfortunately not be able to join in the LIVE tweet, but will catch up with you all tomorrow!
Ashley Zukerman@ashzukerman
#TheCode begins in just under an hour. 8:30pm ABC.
Kyle T. Cowan@KyleTCowan
Hey @chadchaines! Happy birthday dude! I hope you have a great day tomorrow and I promise the Camouflage announcement is worth it!
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
Anytime I hear a loon on a cartoon... or whatever... I STILL hear @tomgreenlive 's voice yelling. Even more than #MoreCowBell
Dustin Thomason@dustythomason
From @shawsam's @ManhattanWGNA outline #1, 4 years ago: "Crosley, Fritz, and Meeks piss into cups (radiation screening) in the men's room."
Ashley Zukerman@ashzukerman
From tomorrow, just after OZ, Australian political thriller #thecode will be available on Direct TV in the USA.…
Barry R. White@barryrwhite
@katjaherbers @ManhattanWGNA and a bunch of the background are getting together for a party.
#ManhattanWGNA cast member Daniel Stern talks about his experience visiting Iraq as part of a USO delegation:
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