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    Acceptable Limits
Top Tweets
Kristen Rakes@VentiRed
Guess who's flyin my plane today? No big deal.
CHEERS! Huge congrats to our own Katie @KatieAnneMitch for her awesome role on @ManhattanWGNA! So proud of you! Thanks @shawsam !
Barry R. White@barryrwhite
#transformationtuesday 2009-2014
Stephen Schwartz@SchwartzCNS
Last @ManhattanWGNA episode best so far. Bonus: spraying gleeful kids w/DDT more gasp inducing than Sally Draper w/dry cleaning bag on head.
#ManhattanWGNA cast member @katjaherbers talks about how she would have handled life in the 1940s. #DontTalk
Best things to see and do in Los Alamos, N.M. via @usatoday #losalamos @newmexicotrue #ManhattanWGN
Rachel Brosnahan@RachieBros
Life Lessson #80: Don't bump into Elmo in Times Square cuz he's not very nice under there.
The #ManhattanWGNA cast talks about what inspired the title of last Sunday’s episode: Acceptable
Katja Herbers@katjaherbers
ADR for #MANHATTAN's episode 9 with @ashzukerman:
J. Iblings@OfSoundnVision
I honestly feel that @ManhattanWGNA is every bit as good as Madmen.
Kyle T. Cowan@KyleTCowan
Terrible Tuesdays 😩😭😫! Kidding. I love Tuesdays. 😉
Dustin Thomason@dustythomason
@laurenmyers99 thanks for helping to make it so!
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
Watching this week's @ManhattanWGNA again. I say again how GREAT the cast is! Acting at it's best! @ashzukerman @katjaherbers @RachieBros
Sue Smith@homenotalone
Rewatching Ep 4 of @ManhattanWGNA. @KyleTCowan I paid attention -you DID master Frank Winter's mannerisms. #donttalk
Rachel Brosnahan@RachieBros
@UberFacts: In Austria, there’s a town called Fucking.” @ashzukerman Is. This. True?
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
I think I'll start leaving the room in a small jog like @therealadamwest & Burt Ward did when they had a call on the Batphone. #Batman1966
The Batman@tthebatman
The key to never losing your sunglasses is outfitting each of them with black ops GPS chemlight trackers.
Lila Byock@LByock
It's almost TOO perfect when Labor Day falls on September 1st. I don't trust it.
Kyle T. Cowan@KyleTCowan
Episode 9 of #TheLeftovers should have been episode 1. I care way more about the characters after watching it.
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