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Lila Byock@LByock
Montana speeding ticket = roughly 1/3 California parking ticket
Sam Shaw@shawsam
I had fun talking OCD, Colonial Williamsburg and "hive minds" with @denis_faye for @WGAWest:
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Evidently, he read the review in Variety.
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Well, my eighteen-month-old son just proclaimed from the backseat: "Daddy, you suck." Must be doing something right!
Rodney Nagel@RodneyNagel
TGIF!!! I do some of my best work when I'm drinking......................water! :D
Robert Lloyd@LATimesTVLloyd
Picks! & You Won't Believe What Came Next! @RobThomas' #PartyDown @Hulu! A mess of stuff @funnyordie! @ManhattanWGNA!…
Sam Shaw@shawsam
"...couched in satisfying earthy period detail"? We'll take it.
Sam Shaw@shawsam
"A mix of domestic passion, historical fiction, hopeful philosophy, paranoid intrigue and general craziness..."
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Thanks, @LATshowtracker! TV Picks: 'Party Down,' Funny or Die video selection, 'Manhattan'
Where would you look if you misplaced a quarter of the world’s plutonium supply? #manhattanwgna
Lila Byock@LByock
Love this interview with @shawsam…
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
Our 5 yr old, "I think Donita tries to make clothes from animals because she only has that 1 shirt. Still not a good idea." @ChrisKratt_
Rodney Nagel@RodneyNagel
I'll be working behind the scenes on this one as a Digital Imaging Technician. Please watch the video and help...
Rodney Nagel@RodneyNagel
Super #ff @ericlodal and @Richard_Schiff @MurderFirstTNT Thanks for a great series
Genia Michaela@GeniaMichaela
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    Nuclear testing in the South Pacific produces a giant mutated lizard that wreaks havoc upon New York City
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