What Is The E-Mail Address For WGN America?

If the answer to your question does not appear on this page, e-mail us at
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In Addition To Email, How Can I Contact WGN America?

WGN America
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, Illinois 60618-4718

How Can I Find Out If My Service Provider Offers WGN America?

Please visit the WGN America Channel Finder at the top of the page.

My Cable Provider Doesn’t Offer WGN America In HD. What Should I Do?

Please contact your cable provider and ask them to add WGN America in HD. WGN America is also available in HD on…

Why Is WGN America Changing From A Superstation To A Cable Network?

On December 15, 2014, WGN America began the process of converting from a superstation to a cable network as it transitions to become a destination for high-quality programming to better serve the interests of our national audience.

Where Is WGN News On WGN America? 

As a result of the programming changes we have made to serve the interests of our national audience, WGN News is no longer seen on WGN America.  However, all WGN newscasts continue to be seen in Chicago, as well as worldwide through WGN Chicago’s website and the WGN News apps on mobile devices, computers and Internet-compatible televisions.  Unfortunately, league rules prohibit video streaming of the sports segments but you may consider the official team websites for Chicago sports news and highlights.

Will I Still See Chicago Sports On WGN America?

As a national cable network, WGN America no longer has the rights to carry Chicago Bulls, Cubs and White Sox games nationally but they remain on WGN in Chicago and a number of Illinois, Indiana and Iowa stations listed on WGN Chicago’s website The same games are also available throughout the rest of the U.S. on NBA League Pass and MLB Extra Innings.

What Do The TV Parental Guideline Ratings Mean?

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How Can I Inquire About Employment Opportunities At WGN America?

For WGN America job opportunities please click here.