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Late-night Saturday with Dog

Which of these two do you want to see in the best of Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 6?

Back in the Hood

Love on the Run

Dog doesn’t know it yet, but today’s bounty is about to take him on a trip down memory lane, a familiar face, and test his investigative chops. With each lead propelling him closer to his childhood haunts, Dog uses old-fashioned detective skills to track his prey. Even examining a suspect’s rubbish in a masterful example of “garbology” to uncover a hot lead.

Dog finds himself looking for more than one fugitive. First, a woman who has skipped out on her court date. But he soon learns that since she disappeared she has teamed up with a woman whose criminal exploits have attracted the attention of local media. Word on the street is that they’re on the run together. In this case love isn’t the answer – in fact, it might be the problem.

Tune in Saturday at 11/10c to see if your choice makes the cut!